Saturday, 26 May 2007

the other one

Introducing Sarah ......
After she saw Mikaela's dress, she asked if I would make her one. As she is a teenager now, we needed to make one which was a little bit more grown up. So we came up with this one. It is made in a really soft stretch denim. I think she looks just gorgeous - especially with the striped sweater underneath.

Here are the two beautiful sisters (my adopted daughters) - looking just gorgeous.
They have been to stay with us for a few nights, and I have just dropped them off at the airport as they have to go home. I will miss them so much.

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dizzyjadey said...

Awww, both your models are so pretty. And this pinafore is very now & very fashionable, Cathy! I like this one. Well done! :-)

Louise said...

I absolutely love them both. Great colours too.

Tamara said...

They went home looking very spiffy didn't they. I love Sarah's dress

Sarah said...

Hi Cathy Its Sarah,
Your blog rox!!! Thanks for putting a picture of me on your blog. I am wearing the purple headband you gave me before I left Thanks!!! I miss you to and so does mikaela,mum and dad. And Oscar also misses you. Talk to you soon.
Love Sarah :)