Saturday, 19 May 2007

WIP - Finished!!!

Even though, I don't have any little girls of my own, I have a few very favourite ones. At the moment, I have the need to make some pinafores after being inspired by Jade and a few others. So I searched for a pattern and I used this one, which is Burda 9740. The pattern does say to use a zip, but as I have a fear of inserting zips, I decided to just put a button and loop.

This particular pinafore, which is made from black corduroy (sorry about the shocking photo), is going to Alannah who is to wear it to the school 'disco' with her leggings or her long boots. A couple of my other little 'girls' have asked for them too, so hopefully, I can photograph them in it, rather than just on the wall. This is such a quick pattern to make up. The next one I do, I would love to put a bit of grosgrain ribbon around with either a buckle or some kind of cute bow. Anyway, I will experiment, and of course, ask the experts themselves - the girls who will be wearing them. I would love to do some colourful ones as well, but the girls all seem to want black!
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dizzyjadey said...
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dizzyjadey said...

That's gorgeous, Cathy! Can I ask how you did the loop? Did you use ribbon or did you do one of those rouleau loops?

Also, you purse organisers are fab! Well done on selling out :-)

Louise said...

I think all my girls need one of these and they would look great with pants too. What is it about zips!

Corrie said...

gorgeous! wonderful job!

oh and my hubby is tall and I'm just 5ft! he looks so tall next to me...I'm really hoping my children get his height not mine!


62cherry said...

i love the dress!

Lily said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for your post on my blog - I thought I'd swing by and check out your version - isn't it amazing what difference fabric makes to a pattern! Love yours and I might try the next one(s) with buttons and loops. The zip was a pain!