Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More WIP finished

Here are a few things of have been working on. I have actually made these just for me - because I love the fabrics, and I desperately needed a pincushion. I finally won with the zip battle, and finished the Stash bags from Amy Butler. I used, again, Chocolate Lollipop, and my other favourite designer, Heather Bailey's Freshcut. Although, it certainly isn't perfect. I am quite happy with the result ie. it opens and shuts. I will make a few more just for practice.

The red pincushions is using some of the fabric I received from the Amitie VIP Blog. I will post more photos with the other fabrics I was sent, when I have made something that is good enough to show.

I also had a lovely time thrifting today . I found these gorgeous vintage patterns and some newer ones as well. I walked away with 6 patterns (2 of which have never been used) and a gorgeous piece of velvet (which is the background of the photos). Just beautiful - all for the grand total of $2.70. Why do I always feel so guilty buying things from the op shop?- I feel like it is such treasure to me and that I should be paying a lot more for it. You know that feeling when you get your change and you know that they have given you too much!!!!

Check out the vintage coats pattern. It is just stunning. I would love to try and make one some day. It is just so old fashioned. If you want to see some stunning childrens' wear by a local Melbourne label, Townmouse, check out Kristine's website you will be impressed.



dizzyjadey said...

What a great site Townmouse is, Cathy! And I loved your baby smock for little Charlotte Rose...she's so cute even when a bit cross. You've done so much great stuff since last week, too, specially the apron. Those fabrics are stunning!

Tamara said...

I just love teh coat pattern - very special. Townhouse is gorgeous isn't it. I can see its a been a busy week. Also, that was my cheeky husband leaving anon. comments about the apron. I have told him off.

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Miss Marzie! And is that a little yoyo I see next to the first pincushion? Are there plans for that?

Corrie said...

oh my goodness how cute are those patterns from the 60's! I wish my local thrift store was as good...plenty of knitting patterns but never much in the way of sewing patterns

anyway focus....ok you saw a print gocco....ohhh they are fun! great prints and I made twill tape with retro mummy on it and some cards! My camera is MIA so it'll be a little while to find where keira has hidden it!