Sunday, 3 June 2007

This and That

Weekends just go way too quickly - not much time to have a rest. Running from one of the boys sports to another and then back for another. Doesnt leave much time for tidying the house or crafting.

I did attempt some sewing, although I am not too happy with the results. I hate zips!!!!!! I have now confirmed why I try to avoid using zips. I am hopeless at it.

I attempted today, what I thought would be a quick and easy project. Amy Butlers Stash and Dash patterns.

Looks simple. Well, I think that I have spent the last 4 hours unpicking and then resewing - all to make the zip sit flat. Any ideas out there? I have read tutorials on how easy it is to sew in zips - maybe I will just have to admit failure (not that I like to do that). So now I have put it away for now - maybe next week I will have another go. I just love the way the little makeup bag looks. Everything else is really quick and easy. However, I did use an invisible zip - I wonder if that would make any difference.

I have also been trying to make sense of a pattern from my newest Japanese sewing book. I think I am just about there. I read this tutorial on how to decipher a pattern written in Japanese which Jade kindly found. It is very informative and very, very helpful. I will post some photos tomorrow of what I have made. This is the dress I have made using some of Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop range of fabrics teamed with chocolate corduroy. Yummy!!!!



dizzyjadey said...

I love those Chocolate Lollipop fabrics! Aren't the colours just eye popping? That baby set will look stunning with those fabrics...can't wait to see it :-)

Also, when I was doing wristlets ages ago, I found this tutorial which might help with the zips -

Louise said...

I am dying to do something Chocolate Lollipopish - gorgeous fabrics and the colours are so rich.
Re the zip - Domestical had the same problem with an invisible zip doing an Amy Butler skirt recently and suggested this tutorial for putting in one without an invisible zipper foot.
Good luck, I am sure it's just practice. I have put in loads of zips over the years but avoid them just the same.

Anna Maria said...

Oh I wanna see, I wanna see!
Upload that photo to my Lollipoppers group that I started at Flickr for the darling things you are making with my Chocolate Lollipop fabrics!
Can't wait to see :)