Friday, 6 February 2009

Desperately Seeking ...................

I just received a lovely email from a reader of my blog desperately seeking an Amy Butler fabric to complete a quilt.

I am unable to help her but I thought some of you might be able to.

The fabric is the one below - if you do have any that you would be willing to part with, Adele is more than happy to transfer some funds to you.


Jodie said...

HI Cathy,
I was just about to post similar when I saw you had already done it. Hopefully someone can help out.
How are your stitches preparations coming along?

Anonymous said...

Cathy, thanks so much for helping with my search for this fabric, much appreciated. Adele :)

Anonymous said...

How much do you need Adele?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, about a metre. Thanks, Adele

Anonymous said...

Hi again Adele

From a quilt I made, I have 3 smallish pieces that may be of some help, but I don't have a metre.
They are -
5" x 6.5"
3.5" x 12"
9.5" x 42"

Let me know if you want them.

Kerry - Melbourne

Cathy said...

Kerry, can you email me (address in left hand side bar) and I will send you Adele's email address.