Saturday, 8 August 2009


Can't believe it is just over a week to go until the Sydney Stitches & Craft Show.

It is so exciting coming up from Melbourne to be part of the Show again this year. Although, to be completely truthful, I am not quite sure if the real reason for the excitement is because my bed will be made for me everyday and I won't be cooking the entire time I am away.

My house resembles a tip!!! There are boxes and piles of stuff just everywhere and no housework is getting done, apart from the feeding!

Louise and I have been working on getting out some new patterns just for the Show which you can check out over here at our blog.



I will be conducting some workshops too - designed specifically for beginner sewers and children! I will post some pics next time.

Gotta get back to work!


Andi said...

Beautiful projects.
How can you not love a floral hippo?
Have fun at the show.
Andi :-)

Coco Belle said...
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Louise said...

Are you sure you aren't really just terribly excited to be spending a whole week with me!!

Nikki said...

All equally chaotic here. too.... It'll be good when we're there and all set up, won't it?

jacquie said...

henrietta is darling!!!

Anonymous said...

The very best of luck for the show. I'm sure you'll be a huge hit!

Thimbleanna said...

Love the new patterns Miss Marzie! Especially that adorable apron - so happy and bright!

periwinkle said...

I've still got that hippo on my list of things to do -- a list that just keeps getting longer and longer .. Good luck with the show , hopefully Louise will be writing again soon too :-)

Ulla V. said...

Oh, Cathy you are such a hardworking woman. I really wish that I could go to the craft show in Sydney, but Denmark is a bit too far away. ;) I would love to see your things for real.

You made some great things - I just love hippos. I made one for my niece when she broke her arm last spring. Now she has named it Ulla - I hope she doesn't think that I look like a hippo. ;) No, I was actually rather touched by her thought.

Take care and enjoy the Sunday... :))

Cascade Lily said...

Good luck at the show! And I love the hippo :)

The Princess & The Pea said...

I LOVE the hippo, adorable!