Monday, 26 March 2007

Autumn - time for crochet

I love it when the weather begins to get colder. That means crocheting and knitting. Seeing all the beautiful wool in the shops and magazines.

I am a self taught crocheter. The jacket is the first thing I made. I just loved making it. I made it with Rowan Cotton Glace which I bought off someone on ebay in the UK. The little baby who I gave it to, wears it all the time and it looks gorgeous on her. I would love to make another one if I could get hold of the cotton. The buttons are mother of pearl and the edges are crocheted in with satin ribbon.


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Tamara said...

I am self-taught crocheter also. Just not as good as that. I wonder if I am a bad teacher or a bad crocheter? I should get some lessons from you.