Monday, 26 March 2007

Now, what will I blog about ........

Here I am, at a loss, not knowing what to write about. Usually, I never stop thinking about what I would like to write. But anyway, I will have a go.

I love reading blogs about other women who have similar lives and fetishes ie. (fabric, cooking, sewing, blogging, parenting, reading etc etc). It is almost voyeuristic (now that is a bigger word than wheelbarrow!!!) To read about what families like mine are doing on the other side of the world, what they are cooking for dinner, what they are making for their children - living life with similar issues and lifestyles. And we all have this 'blogging' thing happening which is binding us together.

One of my favourite pastimes is reading. I like to read every night before I fall asleep. I can read almost anything - but prefer not to read thrillers. My favourite book at the moment that I have read is The Kite Runner. It was brilliantly written and I have learnt so much from this book. I would love it to become a compulsory high school text book!!!

I have been involved with a Book Club for the past 7 years. There are about 10 of us that get together every month and review a book that we have just read. Sometimes we get 'duds' but then others are just fantastic like The Kite Runner. The faces in the club come and go but there are a few of us that are the original ones. I love being in a Book Club because when I joined - I was anonymous. I only knew one other person there. So, in a way, I am still anonymous as we don't mix socially aside from the club. In other words, our worlds do not collide. I guess, this blog is a bit like book club - anonymous. I can share my feelings about my little fetishes (see above) and people will not think that I am strange or imbalanced or totally nuts for loving fabric and having to have more and more. I guess it is a bit like a diary too - a lovely outlet to share ideas with.

Wow, sorry, I have been waffling on a bit. It all sounds so serious too. I promise I won't do too much more serious stuff.

I really am looking forward to getting to know a lot more people like me out there in 'blogland'

Okay, I have revealed my innermost thoughts, at least I am still anonymous ........................

I am not too sure about the rules of blogging I will try and insert a photo of something just to make it a bit more interesting.



Melissa said...

The Kite Runner is probablythe best book i've read...but maybe it was the circumstances: my parents were visiting from across the country and my hubby was out of town. I crawled in bed and started it and never put it down until I finished it in the wee hours of the morning! It was such an indulgence! No husband to tell me to turn out the lights; and no kids to fix breakfast for in the morning because the grandparents were all over it! Several other books i've enjoyed: The Samurai's Garden, The Glass Castle, and The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

miss marzie said...

Thanks Melissa for the list of books. I am always looking for a good read.
Your week with your parents sounded good. My hubby is always telling me to turn the light off.
do you have a blog?