Wednesday, 21 March 2007

School Days and The New Addition to Our Family

Well, it was Grandparents Day at the school today. So off we go. The excitement had been building all week. The mums all had to bring a plate as they were expecting quite a lot of people, and you know how much grandparents can eat!!!! (I don't eat much, you know, is what I often hear").

I thought I would be very clever and make something that would appeal to our more senior citizens. So I made the passionfruit sponge. Here it is on the table of other goodies at the 'spread'. (sorry about the bad photo - but it is really hard to make a table at a school morning tea attractive unless I am in charge and therefore everything would be totally OTT!!!!!)

Now to Introduce the New Addition to our Family

I must admit, I did have a little help with the sponge. My gorgeous G (husband of a very long time) gave me something for my birthday that I have been coveting for years and years - a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer. I couldn't believe it. So, of course, showing him how much I appreciate it, I have been making everything that I can for him and the boys (whether they like it or not).

So this is, as you will now understand, why I had to make the passionfruit sponge for the seniors. It was effortless I must say - I cannot believe the difference in beating things. It does it in about half the time. As for meringues - yum - very, very quick and easy. So Tam, blue and brown will be fine!!!!

As for the sponge - it was all gone - not one little crumb - a very successful day!!!

By the way the seniors had a wonderful time with their grandkids - which is really why we had this wonderful day.


Tamara said...

Yum yum. A sponge that a CWA girl would be proud of. Well done!

marianne said...

That is one gorgeous mixer and I can understand why you are so proud of it! And that passionfruit sponge looks delicious...