Sunday, 1 April 2007

a bit under the weather .....

Well, it hasn't been the best week this week as far as weeks go. Apart from the usual washing, cooking and cleaning for a house full of boys - I attended the funeral of a very good friend which turned out to be an all day affair - the food was fantastic. Caught up with many people who I hadn't seen for a very long time. As far as funerals can be enjoyable - this one was. Although I will truly miss our friend. After leaving the wake - I had the next drama to attend to - this time to make the full lycra suit that Cathy Freeman wore when she won gold at the Sydney Olympics for my 10 year old son, Ciaran. I did try to warn him that lycra pants and boys anatomys do not go so well together, but to no avail, he insisted. I adjusted the pants that they weren't so tight in certain places. Anyway, everybody was happy at the end of the day. I don't know why I leave everything to the last minute, but it seems to be the story of my life - maybe I am better working under pressure.

Friday started feeling very ill, all aching, and I have been in bed every since. Except for now, as I am writing on the computer. My darling other half has really been looking after me and making sure the boys don't disturb me too much. It is actually quite amazing how much stuff boys can do on their own when their mother is not around to do it for them!!!!!! Maybe I should take a few days off more often.

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Tamara said...

You poor thing Cathy, I didn't realise you wern't so well. Explains why you havent answered my emails :) Hope you are feeling better soon, just in time for school holidays. Lycra looks great - you are a brave mum.