Monday, 30 April 2007

My weekend ......

I am not having the best week. My man is away on a business trip to Sydney for 10 days (we are up to day 7). I am at home looking after my delightful three boys. I really don't know how single parents can do this all the time. I am going round the twist. Normal good boys become feral when dad is not around. It seems their testosterone levels increase when he is not around and the noise, mess and fighting is unbelievable.

I try to ignore the noise and the mess, but it does get me down a bit.

The up side of him being away is that I can have beans on toast for dinner, I can hold the remote, I can go to bed and read my book til all hours, and I can eat my own bar of chocolate (in bed).

We had a very full weekend. I certainly felt like I was the taxi driver for my kids - we had Auskick for the 6 year old (in the pouring rain), then the 10 year old had to be had his football game at 12.15, then back to get the 6 year old ready for a birthday party at one. Dropped him off and then back to the football game after missing only 1 quarter. Sat and crocheted at the match and that was just lovely. The boys played really well and won their match. I then took the 10 yr old home for a bath and then off to get the little one from the party.

We were all quite tired that night but the washing still had to be done - 2 lots of boys football gear (muddy) yuk!!!! Why do footballers have to wear white shorts?

Anyway, I know I should n't complain - I guess that is why I have this blog, to let off a bit of steam - I feel better already now.

Here is a photo of our victorious boys after their stunning win on the weekend - the team is not Port Adelaide (same guernseys though) - St. Marys.


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Sarah said...

Thought you'd moved to Port Adelaide for a minute with the boys footy jumpers.

What is it with men and remotes?