Saturday, 28 April 2007

PJs for Declan

My nephew, Declan, is turning 3 years old today. This year all my nephews are receiving PJs for the birthdays made by me. I try and make them all according to their personality and try not to use cartoon characters eg. Disney Cars, although as they boys get older, that is all they want. So I guess birthdays are about them, so if it makes them happy.

Anyway, this is my creation for Declan. He lives in Arizona in the States which is a very hot place so I have made these out of beautiful fabric from Kaffe Fasset. I searched my Japanese Books for inspiration and found the vintage car applique pattern. I think they have turned out just gorgeous. And, the best thing is - I made them out of stuff that I already had.

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dizzyjadey said...

Love these pajamas...they look very well made, too. Yes, those japanese craft books are great for referencing great design ideas.