Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Mothers' Day

This top photograph was taken on the day I became a mother. It seems like yesterday but it was 1993. How time flies. Now my gorgeous little boy is a teenager and learning what life is all about. I treasure this photograph as it was the beginning of the rest of my life.

The next photos were of my Mothers' Day with my three beautiful boys. I treasure these photos as I know how fast time flies. They grow up so quickly, so treasure your babies when they are little. Believe me, though, I certainly do not want to go back to baby days, but I look fondly back on those days. I am now a mother of three school age children and that is just as much exciting and a whole new learning curve. I love when they come home from school and tell me all about their day and what they have learnt, their friends, and triumphs and sad times. I love helping them with their homework and talking over their day at the dinner table as a family.
Although I must say, having a 6 year old and a 13 year old at the dinner table talking about their days is sometimes quite a contrast. But I do love it.

I am so lucky to have my 3 beautiful boys and my darling husband who looks after us so well.

I had a wonderful Mothers' Day with gorgeous presents from the Mothers' Day Stall - I even scored some of the meringues that I made myself for the Mothers' Day Stall. I love the excitement that the children have coming home from school with their special things hidden from 'mummy' until the big day and then the excitement of the unwrapping (usually in a supermarket shopping bag). I love the homemade cars and all the effort of making and choosing that special something.

This last photo is one of my all time favourites. It was taken a couple hours after my third baby was born. This wasn't a set up photo - it was just how it was. I can really feel the love in the photo of my three boys, and although they may fight and argue now and again (sometimes quite a lot) I know that they will be there for each other as they grow into beautiful, gorgeous men.

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Tamara said...

Looking forward to your boys growing into gorgeous men is all part of that boy thing that I just didn't "get" until I had one of my own. They are lovely boys. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

dizzyjadey said...

Your boys are all cuties! I just laughed when you mentioned that they wrapped their presents in supermarket bags...at least you'll have plenty of time to train them. My husband still gives me presents in plastic supermarket bags! Its all in the thought, after all :-)

mellyandrosie said...

That black and white photo is just priceless - they are all so sweet but that one takes the cake - enough to make this stranger go all gooey and muchy! Thanks for your lovely congratulations also =)

corrie said...

ohhhhhhhhh cute

Oh my goodness I just read that you were after a stash n dash bag pattern! I'm so sorry I just found this comment! I'm so sorry I hadn't received it through email!

If you're still after it I'm doing an order this weekend and will have it in about 10 days....free postage! I'm just finishing off my zen cart store which will be much better and has a shopping cart and checkout! woohoo