Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Aprons and Mod Girls

Photos courtesy of Lululollylegs.

Can you believe what I received in the May One Hour Craft Apron Swap, because I certainly can't?

This apron was made for me by my lovely 'new' 'blogger' friend Louise at Lululollylegs. I cannot believe how beautiful this really is and all the effort that Louise has put into making this masterpiece. She also made me the beautiful knitted dish cloth, a pink (my favourite) cookie cutter and recipe which all came in a beautiful pink apple shaped basket. The ruffles and gathers on the apron have to be seen to be believed, and the best thing about this apron, is that it is reversible. I just love the darts in the bodice and all the little details that Louise has done. The sewing is just beautiful.

It is so hard to believe that Louise does not know me in person, as this apron and everything she has sent to me, is just so 'me'. In a house full of males, it is so lovely to see the apron on my peg in the kitchen. The fabric is just gorgeous and I just love the way Louise has co-ordinated all the fabrics together so well. It truly is a beautiful piece of work (too good to use!!!)

So a very big thank you Louise, please, please be my swap partner again?

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Tamara said...

wow wow wow. I cannot belive how gorgeous it is nor how suited it is to you. It is you all over Cathy. You lucky girl. It is just the sort of apron I have been wanting to make myself for a very long time.

Thimbleanna said...

WOW! You lucky girl!!! That apron is stunning! That's what you get for making such a beautiful apron yourself! ;-)

Amy said...

Beautiful !!! Blogging and Swapping Love...isn't it just the best ever !!!!

Corrie said...

thank you for your kind words! they mean so much to me! Corrie:)

Di said...

The apron is just amazing! I like the colours (which is saying something because pink is not usually a favourite!!)