Saturday, 28 July 2007

Fun at the Fair

We have survived a few days with our darling little Puppy, Ellibell. She really is beautiful and so affectionate. The boys are just loving her so much. I have had a steady stream of visitors (mainly the kids friends) to meet the new family member. It's a bit like after you have just had a baby (but better because you're not hormonal and your boobs haven't grown). As we have a two storey house we don't hear her crying in the night because we are all upstairs asleep. The kids hear her in the morning and go down and let her out of the laundry.

Anyway, enough about the dog or you will begin to think I am totally besotted and have nothing else in my life to talk about. I went to the Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne on Thursday with my mum. We had a lovely day there. Lots and lots of women. Some very interesting sights to see. I always run a little competition with whoever I am with to see who can spot the most outrageous, handmade tote or the best appliqued clothing. We did see some and had a good laugh about them. I really only went to see a couple of shops - guess which ones - yep - Patchwork on Central and of course, Amitie. Their booths were full of just gorgeous designs and fabrics. Yummy!!! I met Rosalie and Melly (from Melly & Me) and they are just the friendliest and loveliest of girls. Thanks for chatting girls.

I exchanged a few 'moo' cards and we had lots of laughs as only those in the 'blogging' world knew what we were talking about. My mum was looking quite bewildered.

I was quite good on the spending side - just a few fabrics I wanted, the Mrs Perkins pattern from Melly & Me. Some of Kristen Doran's fabric and Sprout Designs. Just gorgeous. There are some seriously talented people out there and their work is amazing.

Unfortunately, the day went too quickly and I didn't get to see the 'Quilt Exhibition' which I am sure would have been so inspirational.

I haven't taken any photos so here are a few photos using Heather Ross' fabric which I made for a newborn baby a few weeks ago.


Thimbleanna said...

That baby outfit is adorable. And I just happen to need a baby gift -- thanks for the inspiration. You cracked me up -- good to know your boobs are still intact!

dizzyjadey said...

Oooh, I love that Heather Ross fabric. And nice to see that the craft fair rolled around to Melbourne. I also went to the Amitie and Patchwork on Central Park stalls when it was here in Sydney. They just had better fabric than everyone else.

Melly & Rosie said...

Hi there Cathy, We had such a ball meeting you and your Mum on Thursday!!! Don't you love the way that we are all "sisters" in blog-land. It doesn't matter if we have never met, the connection is instant. Thanks for the chats and hope we will meet again! =)

Louise said...

Doh! I still can't believe I missed you by a few minutes. I love the baby stuff - just gorgeous!