Monday, 8 October 2007

The Holidays are Over

Just back from a wonderful break in beautiful Bright in Victoria's North East. It really is a beautiful part of the world - nestled in a valley, the little town of Bright has so much to do.

We went walking and riding, and of course lots of eating at the lovely places they have there and of course the drinking of the regions most magnificent wineries.

The only disappointing thing about Bright is that it has no 'patchwork' shop at all - so I have suffered severe withdrawals, added to that is we couldn't get access to the internet - but maybe it really was a good thing after all to have a total break.

The kids had a great time, as there is so much for all ages. We found a fantastic Toy Shop called 'Bang'. They stock the most wonderful games, toys and puzzles that you don't find many other places.

I must mention another fabulous shop there, Country Heart and Home, which is owned and run by Amanda and her husband Brett. She searches high and low for all the wonderful things in her shop - mainly xmas ornaments etc. which she sells all year. It's not everybody's cup of tea but Amanda and Brett are so friendly that I am sure you will find something you like there, as there is so much packed in there. I bought some great teacher presents and gorgeous smelling candles. Actually, now that I come to think of it, she sells some patchwork fabric!!!! And if you are lucky, you might catch some of Miss Marzie's goodies. If you can't get there, she has an online shop you can visit at any time.

I always enjoy coming home to see my garden especially in Spring.

I picked my first ever Lilacs off my tree today- they are just so beautiful and I love having them in my house.

So not much crafting has been going on, so I am ready for action. Be prepared for the onslaught!


Lily said...

That photo of the Ovens valley is just gorgeous. I spent a good part of my childhood up in the mountains (Hotham) and just adored Bright and Myrtleford. Thanks for the pix - I miss Victoria a lot.

Glad you had such a wonderful, refreshing break too!

Louise said...

Welcome back Cathy it sounds like you had a wonderful break in a beautiful part of the world. I love the look of that shop - a real Aladdin's cave!

Thimbleanna said...

Glad you're back -- looks like you had a wonderful time. Sorry the vacation is over, but at least you have those beautiful lilacs (my favorites) to come home to -- we have to wait 6 months to see them! LOL.

Claire Falkingham said...

Welcome back!

BTW, I've tagged you, have a look at my blog for the rules.

dizzyjadey said...

Sounds like you had a nice holiday, even with the internet withdrawal symptoms! And love your vase of lilacs...not a lot of florists stock them in Sydney.