Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Here is a fun game of tag which Claire kindly tagged me for - I just love reading everybody elses, apologies in advance for my boring offering.

Here’s how it works:1. Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.2. When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.3. At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.4. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them that they have been tagged, and to read your blog.

is for Cowboys, retro 1950's. I love all the vintage fabrics and the reproductions. I love to collect the little tin wind up toys and cowboy books. My youngest son's room is decorated in the 'cowboy' theme, although I very much suspect that he would prefer to have 'spiderman'.

is for apples. Not just any apples - my apples on my swing tags and logo. I wasn't that interested in them before, but when Marianne was designing my new tags, that is what she came up with and I think they look so fresh.

is for tidy. Something I am not!! I really try so hard to be tidy, but it just takes so much time away from the things that I would rather be doing - sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery. One day, I promise, I will try harder.

is for happiness. My family brings me so much happiness and I just love them to bits. They understand that I need time for my crafts and they are all so accommodating. The saying in our house is 'if the mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'

is for yummy (or it could be yucky) - I love to bake for my family and friends, creating delicious cup cakes, biscuits and cakes. It is also for 'yummy' fabric which I just can't resist buying - even if it is just to look at.

Now I would like to tag these lovely ladies, whose blogs I enjoy reading. Louise (of course, my first blog friend), Tamara, Fiona, Donna and Jodie. I am looking forward to reading what they all have to say.

Time for bed now (I know what they mean when they call these things 'time wasters')


Beth said...

Cathy, if you love cowboys you need to see this: http://www.reprodepot.com/gdystr.html

Don't buy it all before I get a chance to pick up a yard or two!

dizzyjadey said...

Yay, for great kids and husbands! I must admit my geezer is a saint for indulging me my sewing and painting...otherwise he won't be eating. Ha! Hope you don't mind, I'll copy your idea for the alphabet photo pics.

Annie said...

Cathy, thanks for coming on a garden walk in my flower garden. I can totally relate to your tidy comment and it is also a common saying in our household "If Mama aint happy aint nobody happy!" Love the alphabet photo pics

Claire Falkingham said...

Love it Cathy, so glad you had 'yummy' at the end!!