Friday, 12 October 2007

Nothing like a little "Retail Therapy"

Look what I bought online!!! I am so excited. And the best thing about this purchase was the price cheap - cheap - I have looked at these utensils so many times and desperately wanted them, and so now instead of being $160 they were $16 - Yes, you heard correctly. I couldn't let them stay there for that price. The quality is fantastic - they even come in a lovely box. I thought I might indulge and buy the coffee tin as well. Just beautiful. Almost too nice to use. I also bought the mini whisk - because it was just so cute. It all came from here and the best part was I didn't even leave the house - on my doorstep next day.

I also went a little crazy and went to the book store - I love book stores and I love the concept of a cafe in a bookstore as I can indulge both my passions - reading and coffee (also, I don't feel so conspicuous when I am on my own) - I saw this book and just could not resist . I have actually tasted the cupcakes as well - they are as good as they look!!!!! So here is some 'cupcake' porn for all you cupcake lovers out there!!

And apart from retail therapy, we have house guests - hubby's parents - so picture this - I worked hard all day, scrubbed floors, vacuumed, made gorgeous guest beds (I freshened up all the bed linen by washing it and ironing (yes, I do iron my bedlinen)), flowers in the room, cleaned bathrooms - all the usual stuff you do for visitors. I was so tired when everything was done and I was quite proud of all that I achieved - it all looked very lovely and welcoming.

I decided to have one last check - and lucky I did. Ellie Bella, our gorgeous cavoodle puppy, had left her mark on the freshly made and laundered bed. Put it this way, at least I can laugh about it now, (no dogs were hurt after this episode - she is, after all, only a puppy).

So the moral of the story is - don't bother making up guest beds and rooms because if you have a puppy, they are bound to sh......t on it!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend - I think I might sew!!!!!!!


Cascade Lily said...

$16???? What a bargain!

And now I really need cake. LOL! Some gorgeous little cakes in there :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

oooh some very yummy scrummy purchases here!!
Very nice shopping,

Louise said...

Naughty, funny puppy! I love your new toys how very exciting! And what a great new book - with three daughters I have need an endless supply of pretty cupcakes! Hope you get heaps of sewing done - I'll be train quilt sewing myself!

dizzyjadey said...

That's a great buy! And after looking at those cupcake photos, I feel like something sweet. Guess what I'll be looking up at the next bookshop trip?!

Corrie said...

oh wow I must look out for that book...but I bought 3 yesterday so might have to hold out! you'd love peggy porschen's cake I drool over them

I love the nigella stuff as well! what a score!

Kali said...

Great haul! A girl's gotta have her retail therapy, and it's even better when it's at a bargain!!
I've always found PoK great with their items and service. Thanks for the tip on the sale.

I've always dreamed of owning a coffee/book store...what bliss!

Enjoy your visitors.

Jodie said...

Hi Cathy - Thanks for the Tag. I cheated abit but it was fun !!!

driftwood said...

wow those cakes are amazing, now I'm just off to check out that website, although I bet the postage to the UK will be more than the products!