Friday, 7 December 2007

Meet Gork!!!!!

Lachie has been home three days this week, just not up to his normal happy self, bit of a cough and runny nose. He asked if we could make a softie and even though I had three million other things to do, I know that it would be a very special bonding time with me and my baby boy.

So I told him to do a drawing of what he wanted and he came up with this.

So then I we found some felt and he chose all the colours. I was allowed to sew it up on the sewing machine - but I was instructed that I had to leave an 'opening' so we could pull it through so we could stuff it - also, he said, because I had used white cotton on red and blue felt and it didn't match!!!!! (I was officially told off for using not matching cotton)

He wanted arms and legs, so they had to be sewn and stuffed. Lachie did all the stuffing and did a great job. We then glued on the felt for his face which was all Lachie's design.

I think it is so cute - his name is GORK. So, now he is Lachie's latest special softie, he loves me so much for helping make him, and maybe, just maybe, I have inspired a little person in his future employment, Christian Dior, Versace, Lacroix .......... So we had a wonderful day, despite the fact not much of the three million things I had to do were done. Also, the pattern was modified a little!

I have been sewing madly for birthdays, teachers, weddings, and the shop. I have even been attempting to make a tutu!!!! I know that I only have boys, but a very good friend was having issue with her tulle and asked me for some help. Not that I did alot of good, but we finally worked out the best way to make it. Let's just hope the 2 year old who is receiving it will appreciate all the handsewing and neat edges. I now know why they are so expensive to buy. Never again.

This is a very bad photo, but I couldn't get anybody to model it in my house, except for the dog and I don't think that it would have sat just the right way!!!

It will be just my luck that somebody out there will let me know a much easier way to make one. I cut 6 strips of tulle - Joined each one to make a tube, then gathered the top of each one with my overlocker and then sewed them altogether. Then I put some elastic in a casing at the top. I must admit there is something about a little bit tutu that is just so feminine, I wonder how I would go with one my size, and what hubby would say when he saw me pirohuetting thru the house as the fairy elephant!!!!

More jammies are being made - I am getting very quick on those.

I have been making and selling these little sets for baby gifts.

Also, went to a wedding last weekend for Lachie's teacher. A very beautiful bride that was so lovely to the 16 children (out of a class of 20) that turned up at the church to watch their beautiful teacher get married. The dress was so amazing and her figure was just gorgeous. Hope she doesn't mind me putting a pic on here.

I tried my hand at making a horseshoe so that Lachie could put it on her hand as she walked back down the aisle. During the ceremony, (it was a very long catholic nuptial mass on a very hot day) the horseshoe became all manner of things - eg. a gun, whip, sword, fishing rod!!!! I rescued it so it could do the job it was meant to do - drape the arm of a very beautiful bride!!!!!

I hope everybody takes time to smell the roses at this very hectic time of year. Have a great weekend.


dizzyjadey said...

Wow! You've been so super busy...and GORK is adorable. I love it that your son did the designing and the directing. How cute!

Claire Falkingham said...

I see talent there, real talent! LOVE his own softie, tsk, tsk not matching the thread - bad Mum! The tu-tu is divine, your way is the best way - in whatever you make I think!

Louise said...

Gork is fab! It's great to do these projects together isn't it and I just love that he told you off! I have several tutu trier onners here - I reckon you did a good job, I wouldn't even attempt it! Love the bride and groom and that horse shoe is just lovely!

Jodie said...

Gork is awesome, I say go for the tutu. I have 3 and wear them to work when the mood strikes ( I do work with kids remember0 they never fail to tell me how beautiful I look. Great for the self esteem.

fiona said...

hello GORK!! what a talent! must run in the family! tutu's are a nightmare, well done!

driftwood said...

what a great softie, inspired.

Thimbleanna said...

My gosh Cathy -- you've been so busy! Gork is just too cool -- kudos to you and your youngest. As usual, all your goodies look fabulous. And how fun to have a wedding picture with your class -- what a memory!

Corrie said...

ohhh that is so beautiful about the wedding and you've been very busy!!!

thanks for the welcome to melbourne too!


Sarah Jayne said...

Gork is just fantastic. How lucky your little boy is that you can turn his drawing into a softie.