Thursday, 13 December 2007

PVC Love is being spread around

Thanks to Fi, I have now mastered pvc - not that I had ever tried it before - but thanks to Fi's wonderful tutorial on 'being the boss' of the pvc - I am now an accomplished sewer of pvc.

So guess what, everything in sight will now, of course, have to be pvc'd!!!! My mind is ticking over all the things that I could do with it.

Anyway, I made a little kids organiser to start with and I am really happy with how it came out. It didn't pucker, bubble or anything. It really was quite easy to work with.

For those interested in buying some of this, another great place to buy the stuff is from Bunnings - it is about $4.80 a metre (slightly cheaper than Spotlight and it is the same stuff).

Last week my trustee 18year old Janome went in for a service, and the news was not good - the button holer was jammed inside and the new part would cost $220.00 - not worth fixing - so it was very sad that I had to buy a new one.

I now have a new Janome which I am slowly getting used to - the added bonus with the new one is that I have a choice of three different types of button holes (I only had one before) . And the new one has the button hole stitch for applique which I have always wanted. So, here is the result of using that particular stitch. I can't believe how simple it is to use.

So now everything that isn't nailed down will now be pvc'd and appliqued until I can find something else I can become infatuated with. Look out kids!!!!


Louise said...

I love using the PVC and Fi's tutorial is hilarious. I really like the kid's organiser - great colours. You are so inspiring, you make me wish I had more time to sew! And of course, now I want a new sewing machine as well. What did you buy?

dizzyjadey said...

What a great excuse for a new sewing machine! Great organiser and fab prints, too. And thanks for pointing me to Bunnings on the pvc....much easier on the hip pocket.

Ainslie said...

Oooohhhh, your world sounds so much like mine. Once I'm onto a good thing, I stick with it until I'm so sick of it, I MUST find something else to make/do. You've convinced me to give the PVC a go...and I have Bunnings just around the corner, so no excuses!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooohhh yummy, a new machine! Have fun! As always, your sewing projects are adorable!

Donna said...

Thank god for Fi's tute on PVC - it's great isn't it?

Jam Sandwich said...

Think we have bought the same new machine! My old one was a new home that my mum gave me 30 years ago so i could do sewing at school she bought it second hand off a friend. So it did well. Loving the auto buttonholes, auto tension and the needlethreader! Can't believe how things have improved. It makes me want to sew all the time but the boys are on school holidays so no chance.