Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Back to School

Lake Hume - North East Victoria

I can't believe that the children are now all back at school after a wonderful summer break (that is, the ones living in the southern hemisphere). I had a lovely day of sorting today and some of my house is resembling normal again.

I can't believe how much washing needs doing after a holiday - even after I did some while I was away, it still all needs doing again.

We had a wonderful holiday, very relaxing. The kids were wonderful and were outside the whole time riding their bikes and swimming, playing tennis and just being outdoors. That is one of the reasons why I love caravan parks - it forces them outside to play with all the other children.

Had a lovely surprise in the mail today from the USA, Pennsylvania to be exact. A lovely family which we holidayed with (sort of family but in an 'inlaw' sort of way) came out with their five beautiful children. They introduced my children to 'Twizzles' and they consequently fell in love with them until there was no more. So this is what we received in the post today - a huge box full of goodies. Yum Yum! I must say the 'Berger' cookies are really wicked - and the boys gave them the huge thumbs up. So thanks so much Sal and Gil!!!!

Yummy Treats from the USA

Haven't been doing much of anything creative lately - hopefully next week I can get back into it. I just have to ease myself back into the lunches, uniform and homework routine all again.

I will leave you with some photos that my Sean took while we were away of our gorgeous sunburnt country!!!

Wye River on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria Australia

Wye River on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria Australia


Tamara said...

Welcome home. These holidays have gone too quickly. I am looking forward to getting the house back in order though.

Kate starts school tomorrow. Only Ed at home with me now - very glad I had that third.

driftwood said...

looks like a really lovely holiday, beautiful photos!!

Thimbleanna said...

Ha! Twizzlers -- that's good sewing candy -- you can chew on them and think about your design. And did you know they come in different flavors? Cherry's my favorite.