Thursday, 10 January 2008

Success, at last

Today, my last day with the house to myself, I have finally felt like doing something. Actually, it was last night really. This is what I have achieved.

1. Made 2 rich fruit cakes (to take away on our holiday for morning tea everyday).

2. Made 5 batches of meringues for my next door neighbour's daughter's wedding on Saturday.

3. Packaged the aforesaid meringues into 90 bags and tied with a ribbon.

4. Made a horseshoe for the bride.

5. Helped the said bride's 17 year old sister to make a horseshoe (no sewing experience at all).

6. Made a frenchy bag with some gorgeous fabric I bought the other day from Amitie.

I have only achieved the above because I didn't eat meals at all - I just grazed all day and I had no-one saying to me that they were hungry. Not many dishes, yay!! Only cooking ones. No breaking up arguments or telling people to go to bed.

Now that I have finally written my list about what I have achieved I feel alot better and I have decided that I haven't really wasted much time at all while I have been home alone.

I have about 2 hours left of this peaceful time, but I must admit I really am starting to miss everybody. I just need another day or two so I can clean the house properly. I would be doing it now if it wasn't so darn hot!!!! I hate hot weather!!!!!

I still have quite a few things still to do, but I guess I will get around to it when I can.

We are off on a 2 week break to here - apparently, it is even hotter than Melbourne - what was I thinking?

See you when I get back.


Jodie said...

I'm with youon the heat thing - I do not like it one bit - thats why i choose to live in Ballarat, but even we are melting today.
have a great holiday - just stay in the pool !!!
The bag looks great by the way as do those sweet little meringues.

Tamara said...

Cathy, hope your next holiday is wonderful. You do miss them after a short while (I think I would like to experience that feeling right now though!)
Glad you're child-free time was productive.

driftwood said...

wow, you did great! love the bags, and the meringues!!

hope you have a great holiday!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! That's an impressive list. I really want to see what a horseshoe is though -- the picture didn't come up for me -- I'll try back later. Love your bag and sure wish I could reach in there and grab a meringue! Have a wonderful vacation!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

What a wonderful blog..thanks for entering my raffle and making it a great day...Good luck..and come by again soon.Jennifer

dizzyjadey said...

Keep cool, Cathy! Just stay in the pool. Have a great holiday!

Love the bag and the fabric you used...japanese? Anyhow, you did lots specially in the heat.

ingrid said...

Cute bag, yummy meringues and pretty horse shoes too! You have been a busy bee!

Corrie said...

happy holiday! I think you've crammed in enough to deserve a few weeks rest...those meringues look fabulous!


Austy's Mum said...

Love your Frenchie bag! You have been a very busy girl, so sit back and enjoy your holiday!!

fiona said...

have a great trip, try and relax looks like you have been busy!

Claire Falkingham said...

I love that Frenchie bag - I've been umming and arring about buying this patterm, but I'm going to do it now (right after we've moved!)

Drewzel said...

Love the wrapped meringues!

Hope your holiday is super fun :)