Monday, 7 January 2008

Back Again

Hi there

I have so neglected my dear old blog for long enough (last post was 15th December), all the festivities are over and the new year begun, so I thought I had better find something new to write about.

Not much happening though, our family has been away for a beach holiday to Cape Paterson for a week and had a great time. Way too hot though!! The kids love going to the beach for surfing, rock pools and of course, sand sculpting. It was so relaxing, I would sit outside our caravan and either read 'junk' mags and catch up on all the gossip of the celebs, or do a spot of crochet (I was making face washers).

Anyway, we are home from that and the washing is all done and I find myself at home alone, apart from my gorgeous EllieBella, my gorgeous puppy, and it is for the grand total of 3 nights and four days.

Now you would think that someone like me who loves to sew would be jumping for joy to have all this uninterrupted time to do whatever I like in the sewing room, but the problem is, I want to do so much that I can't decide what to start on. So I thought I might try and make a list but even that seems too much like hard work. Of course, I could always clean the house from top to bottom but who wants to do that kind of thing when you have the house to yourself for four days. This blog has been calling me to do a post, so at least I can tick that off my list (if I had one).

So, I went shopping today because I couldn't decide what to do. Isn't it amazing, when you have absolutely nobody with you and nobody to come home to and cook dinner for, you would think you would relax while you were shopping - but no - I only bought one thing (and that wasn't even on my shopping list) - it was a bargain though. It is a book that I have wanted for ages but thought it was way too expensive. Well today, right outside Collins Booksellers they were selling this book for $6.99. So I got one. And that is all I have to show for 4 hours shopping. I may as well have stayed home and cleaned the house.

Anyway, as for the book, I am so glad I didn't pay the full price for it, I don't actually like it. So I guess, that can just sit with all the other 'must have' books that I collect, collecting dust.

Tomorrow, I promise, I will start doing something creative in my sewing room and them I might have something to show you all instead of all this dribble.



driftwood said...

it's funny how when you get that longed for time you don't quite use it how you expect too.
the beach holiday photos look great!

Louise said...

Welcome back Cathy and a Happy New Year! How lovely to have all that time to yourself - sometimes it's lovely to actually do nothing.

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Cathy! Must be the post holiday blahs or something -- I'm feeling exactly the same way -- too many things to choose from so I'm stuck in analysis paralysis. And you're right -- to make a list would mean pulling everything out -- too much work. I'm hoping now that the routine is starting again I'll be able to cope. Hopefully the same will work for you! In the meantime, fun pictures!

Jodie said...

blah, I get that feeling sometimes. So much to do that i can't do anything. I usually just hit the UFO's and start finishing them off, eventually an idea striked and the UFO's get ignored again.

fiona said...

dribble away my dear! just go with it !i do it too, some free time and i end up wasting it! but is sitting around on ones backside really wasted???

little women said...

Welcome home Cathy, I am about to head of on a two weeks camping adventure. I have two problems, the first is that I have so much to do to get organised coupled with a few night shifts (!) that i don't know where to start - Hmmmm bettwe make a list , and then when I am actualy there- relaxing!- what craft should I take to do - Hmmm , so many to choose from, so little space in the tent!