Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Hi everyone, it's been ages since I have posted, probably due to lack of inspiration with my writing skills. It's just that I love reading about everybody elses fantastic lives and think mine pales compared to them.

But anway, I will give it a go. I have been tagged a few times since my last post, so I think I will try to combine them all for you.

Varenia tagged me with 7 Facts About Me. So thanks very much Varenia. You should all pop on over and read Varenia's blog, she has some cute stuff and cute kids.

I was also tagged by Louise for 'You make my day award', thanks so much Louise. I am so glad that I have found such a good friend in you, cyber and in real life.

I was also tagged by a new blogger friend, Kelly, who lives on my side of Melbourne (we bloggers in the north east are few and far between) Are there any otheres out there that want to delurk and identify themselves? You have to check out Kelly's blog too - her quilts are amazingly beautiful and so are her children.

So Kelly's tag is Four Things, so I think I will combine both of them - here goes.

Four jobs I have had:

Secretary/P.A. in a criminal law practice.
Receptionist at The Royal Flying Doctor Service (WA)
Full Time Mum to three gorgeous boys (this has been the best one)
and of course
Amitie!!!! I am so loving this job - I don't even feel like I am working - it's really just playing and of course working with Louise and Jenny is just awesome.

Four movies I have watched over and over again:

I don't really watch too many movies or tv but does hearing movies over and over again count?
If so,

Toy Story (when the kids were little - I think I can recite every line in the movie)
Bridget Jones' Diary
Four Weddings & A Funeral
The English Patient

Four places I have lived:

I lived at my parent's home for my first 19 years.
Perth, Western Australia (following the love of my life)
Milton Keynes, England
Melbourne (last 18 years and hopefully the rest of my life) Australia is fantastic to live in!

Four shows I watch on TV:

The Bill (I know, I know it is so daggy - but it is just our little habit on a Saturday evening to sit down and enjoy the show with a glass of wine or two)

So You Think You Can Dance - (don't know why but I do)

It Takes Two (because my favourite AFL Footballer is on the show)

The Vicar of Dibley (my middle son has just discovered this show and I just love sitting with him to watch him laughing at all the gags)

Four Places I have been:

New York

Four people who e-mail me;


Four things I love to eat;


Four places I'd rather be;


Four things I look forward to this year;

Louise and I have a few projects we are working on together (so stay tuned)
Having my husband away less on business
Welcoming a new niecephew into our family (sorry don't know the sex of the baby yet)
Watching my children grow another year older and taller than me!

So that is it from me. Thanks for the tags Kelly and Varenia, It was actually not too badto do, and I guess, if you have read this far you musn't have thought so either.

Anyway, onto other things. Thank you for all your comments about starting work at Amitie. I am having the time of my life. I am meeting so many talented and interesting people, and everybody is just so friendly.

I am having issues with the font and everything, my apologies. I don't know what I am doing.

Not sure about photos for this post, I know everybody loves a good photo so I will see what I can dig up.


Violet & Rose said...

I can think of three of us in the east. If that helps? Hang on, maybe four? Maybe we all need to meet up one of these days ....

dizzyjadey said...

I watch So You Think You Can Dance, too. Scary how much I enjoy it! LOL!

SadieandLance said...

I love that gorgeous little blue outfit!

I'm avoiding so you think you can dance as I have a habit of getting addicted to crappy shows!

Varenia Jensen said...

Hi Cathy! I love So you Think you can Dance too :) Guilty pleasure!!! Thanks for your comment on my dress, I added a photo of the back upon your suggestion! I'm glad you are loving your job :)

Thimbleanna said...

Are you kidding??? You think you have a boring life??? You have three fab boys AND a dream job!!! Woohoo! Can't wait to see the goodies you and Louise dream up. Love, love the cute baby goodies -- you always choose the best fabrics!

Kellie said...

Cathy no way are you boring! I also love the Vicker of Dibley! So funny. And chocolate well what can I say? I wish that I could make clothing ... only flat surfaces for me! My mum is a dress maker - I know I shame her! Thanks for being such a good sport.

driftwood said...

I'm with you on the chocolate!!

Jelly Wares said...

Love the little blue outfit in the first pic!!! Wow... not 1 but 3 tags, well done. It was great getting to know you that little bit more. I love vicar of dibley too, it gets me in histerics everytime...


longshadows said...

did you make those cute little baby clothes? oooh they're adorable. makes me wish i had a little boy to put little spaceboy-bedecked britches on him. :)

Corrie said...

awwww love all of your stuff! I'm not north east and don't even know how I describe port melbourne location! I'm hopeless down here at the moment!

glad you're enjoying amitie